Why Quanika Enterprise

Close gaps in security
Eliminate siloed systems and technology stacks by managing security and workspace operations via a single platform. With more people and sites, efficient management of multiple systems allows for faster detection, verification, and responses.

Utilize world-leading hardware and software
Interoperate with best-in-class video surveillance hardware from Axis Communications and drive extensibility with Microsoft Active Directory and other leading security, building management, and life safety systems.

Create a culture that thrives
Technology that works in harmony with your people and facilities improve staff experiences and engagement. Eliminate mundane tasks and allow staff to securely access buildings, workspaces, networks, and applications frictionlessly.

Gain better insights
Manage, verify, and monitor the movement of staff, contractors, and visitors. Better understand the dynamics of your estate to make workspace improvements that drive operational efficiencies and reduce your carbon footprint.

Become more flexible
Reap the benefits of seamless integration and a futureproofed infrastructure. Continually automate processes, create streamlined workflows, and adopt new technologies that help you adapt to ever-changing security and operational priorities.

Guaranteed robust cybersecurity
The assurance of multi-layered protection for multi-levelled authorized access, transmission, storage, and partitioning combined with centralized identity management for secure and seamless on- and off-boarding.

Axis Communications

Best-in-class technology

Axis Communications offers world-leading hardware including network cameras, bodycams, and audio devices. Quanika leverages the power of Axis network door controllers and can power up AXIS Camera Station to encompass unlimited cameras or choose from out-of-the box integration with leading enterprise-level VMS.

For the most effective operation, select the hardware required and manage them all from a Quanika Enterprise that provides a single pane of glass.

Complete security and safety solutions

Industry-focused solutions

Every industry faces unique operational challenges beyond access control and physical security. Quanika solutions are used across:

  • Corporate Properties and Enterprises

  • Healthcare

  • Logistics and Warehousing

  • Industrial and Manufacturing

One platform to create safer environments and orchestrate workspace performance

Quanika Enterprise delivers a powerful security solution for businesses of all sizes by combining access control, video surveillance, life safety, and visitor management into one intuitive user interface.

Built to integrate exclusively with Axis Communications network hardware, users also benefit from Microsoft Active Directory integration. Quanika Enterprise harnesses the power of automation and centralized as well as distributed control to effortlessly manage sites and protect your most important asset – your people.