Because first impressions count

Managing visitors has never been easy and the documentation you need to maintain your records gets more complex by the day. To let you keep up with ever-advancing identification technology, Quanika helps you manage visitors more smartly and maintain the highest levels of security.


Automate processes

Fast and seamless operation

Confirm and identify

Track and Report


Improved experience for your visitors

Floor-space optimization

Increased operational efficiency

Reduced risks

People management

The Quanika People Management dashboard provides real-time information about the status of your systems and events. It gives you overview statistics and includes a meeting activity log for visitors, and graphical representation of meeting reports. And it makes it easier for you to manage risks within your premises and grounds.

A stand alone system – and part of your complete security solution

An effective visitor management system should verify who each visitor is, who they came to see, which areas of the facility they are authorized to enter, and where precisely they are on site. To be fully secure it should also allow you to double-check and confirm ID, and compile additional information about each person that may have a material impact on their site visit.

Simple processes – and streamlined operations

Information – all the data you need

Creating great first impressions

Confirmation of all key events

Improved user experience

Ease of use and accessbility optimised