Quanika and its entry level access control software

A flexible software platform that allows you to pay for what you need and is easily scalable. It offers small to mid-sized users modular security solutions leveraging the best of both, Axis hardware with Quanika software.

Controller Specification

From 2 up to 128 doors utilising Axis IP A1601 Controllers

Camera Specification

Integration with up to 128 Axis cameras

Quanika Surveillance

Quanika integration with AXIS Camera Station


Intruder, fire, intercom and ID badging integration

Server Specification

Single servers with up to two workstations

Systems and Software

Flexibility to integrate with other third party systems, software and databases

Quanika: Tomorrow’s security solutions today

Combining the best hardware, software and systems, Quanika Compact lets you take a versatile, modular approach to building powerful, integrated solutions without the complexity.

Compact Software Platform

Compact has been developed to be very versatile, whatever the application.



Complete Details

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Approved / Declined


Dealer online ordering software

Distributor / dealer has to pre-register

Select type of software required

Complete end user and site details of software application

Invoices produced and online payment to proceed

Confirmation of payment and registration key provided for software

Software license is issued

Technical Support




Web Portal

Create Ticket

Assign Ticket

Issue Resolved

Quanika Mobile Apps

With Quanika Mobile Apps you’ll always be connected, wherever you are, extending safety, security, and control beyond physical boundaries.

Guard App

Quanika Guard App enables remote configuration and management of site guard tours. It includes options to set and review tour sequences and define security check points.

Check App

Quanika Check App offers stringent, high-security mobile verification to validate when only authorised staff, contractors and visitors are permitted on and off-site.

Access App

Quanika & Axis give you complete visibility & control as well as big data intelligence from one easy-to-use software platform to strengthen security and reduce risk.

Transport App

Quanika Transport App is a mobile solution enabling personnel to use transportation services with either an ID card or barcode.