About Quanika

A new company with a proficient and strong management team having an experience of more than 125 years in successfully delivering effective security solutions around the globe in every type of vertical market. With offices setup in UK, Middle East and USA.

Quanika & Axis give you complete visibility & control as well as big data intelligence from one easy-to-use software platform to strengthen security, reduce risk and enhance your customer experience.

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With Quanika mobile apps you`ll always be connected, wherever you are. Giving you the best safety & security, beyond physical boundries.

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Compact Software Platform

Quanika was founded by a management team of security and IT specialists who shared a single vision: to deliver on the true promise of integration.


Management team with over all 125 years experience in solutions


We celebrate success most when it is shared


24/7 Online,we are here to help


We delight in find better solutions


We look for the best in everything we do


Office setup up around the world