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General Business Overview

Define your percentage of sales in the following markets:

Vertical Markets Served

Please list any manufacturer that accounts for at least 5% of your system/solution sales:

How does your company promote business? Check all that apply:
Does your company belong to and/or participate in any of the following organizations:

List your top three competitors:

List all business alliance/partnerships (Example: General Services Administration, Professional Security Association)

Financial Overview

List your company’s past and projected total sales for the following years:

Indicate the percentage of sales based on project size:

Indicate the percentage of system types sold:

Sales & Reference Overview

Anticipated Quanika Sales for the following years:

Please provide three (3) end users referrals who have purchased solutions from you within last year

Employee Overview

How many people do you employ in the following departments:

Customer Support

What Type of Post-sale support services do you currently offer your customers:

On Site within 4 to 6 hours
Toll Free Telephone Support
Preventative Maintenance Service
On Site within 24 hours
On Site Operator / DBA Training
Other (explain)
On Site within 72 hours
Time & Material Service

Technology Overview

How many employees within your company have experience with the following technology platform?

Microsoft Windows

MS SQL Server


Network Infrastructure

Please check the Hardware Platform(s) your company has experience with:

List your three (3) primary suppliers for any Technology, Hardware or Database procurement:


Please provide the name(s) of any current Quanika trained technician(s):

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