Visitors are always important.

The next person who walks through that door might be an important customer, a potential partner or someone you want to join your team.

And it’s not just business settings – in multi-purpose buildings these often encompass residential locations and visitors will include friends, family, and important guests.

So, you should really make sure that everyone coming to your property has a pleasant experience from the moment they arrive.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you just let anyone into your premises without verifying their identity. Ensuring security is as critical as providing a welcoming visitor experience. They go together.

This is where most organisations face a problem. Security measures and devices like surveillance cameras and turnstiles don’t exactly send a welcoming message to the visitor.

How many people like the idea that every move they make is being watched? Or that their ID cards are being scanned and information seen by someone they don’t even know?

The truth is, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are quite a few challenges to putting in place a system that guarantees seamless visitor management. Here we’ll explain the most important issues, and show you how working with Quanika can help you deal with them.

Rule one – complex entry processes are a turn-off

In many modern buildings, especially those that are multi-tenanted, the entry process is cumbersome. A visitor reaching the main door after after struggling to find a parking space is not going to be impressed to be met by a crude ‘sign-in to logbook’ procedure – an impersonal system that takes a photo and prints out a visitor badge.

If this whole archaic process itself isn’t bad enough, most often, visitors are made to wait longer than needed as the receptionist calls up the people inside the office and confirms that they are expecting this particular person. Each moment they wait leaves a bad impression on your company and, in turn, your business.

How much better if you could have an automated solution that easily recognises the arrival of each visitor, verifies their identity with the least intrusion, and notifies the relevant host quickly.

Rule two – manual systems are inefficient and time-consuming

Visitors often arrive at commercial establishments for business meetings. This usually means the person at your office who is supposed to meet the visitor also needs to book a meeting room, after informing the reception staff about it. They will also have to make sure the guest gets a parking space allocated.

Assuming the guest didn’t forget to carry ID, they will be able to enter the office after going through a slow and inefficient process. But your work doesn’t end there. In the meeting room, for instance, the visitor may need access to WiFi, for which you may have to call up your system admin or ask around for the guest login.

All this costs you time and we all know time is money. Plus its just an annoyance for the visitor.

Rule three – beware of loopholes

Many organisations are up to date with the importance of providing a seamless visitor experience. What’s worse, they don’t realise that many of those traditional systems don’t even provide adequate security.

For instance, there are often no fool-proof methods to prevent tailgating. And temporary badges with barcodes are not checked when a visitor exits the building, making it useless for response teams in the event of a security incident.

What’s the answer?

An automated visitor management system like Quanika’s, that can be integrated with your business operations, security systems, and building controls, gives you a great new way to protect your premises while making sure that visitors have a pleasant experience, every time.

With these solutions you can even integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and other diary applications to truly simplify the process of booking meeting rooms.

And if you still need convincing, the system also gives you comprehensive control of security with detailed monitoring and auditing options. Depending on the size of your business and the number of branches you need to manage, the solution can be customized to provide maximum security and the best experience for a great first impression.

So no more dropping the ball on visitor management.