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BELFAST, UNITED KINGDOM, 18 AUGUST 2021 – More streamlined, cost-efficient options for integrating Axis Communications network door controllers, cameras, and audio devices are now possible thanks to a new technology integration between Quanika and IPConfigure. The integration between Quanika’s access control and visitor management software and IPConfigure Orchid VMS enables more affordable, powerful, and feature-rich integrated security solutions for single and multi-site management and control.

Quanika’s impressive, modular access control and visitor management software seamlessly works with Axis Communications network hardware to offer users a unified security management platform. Now those systems integrate with IPConfigure’s popular VMS – including its Orchid Core video management software for small to mid-sized users – and its Orchid Fusion for enterprise level and multi-site applications.

“With the addition of IPConfigure’s popular Orchid video management software suite, including Orchid Fusion, Hybrid, and Alto for small through enterprise and multisite applications, this technology partnership offers significant upfront and ongoing cost advantages, with simple license fee structures and no hidden extras,” says Leo Cook, Quanika’s General Manager.

“Our transparent, modular approach gives customers the freedom to scale up, letting them upgrade to enterprise-level functionality selectively for sites or camera streams where they need it most. They can do this without the prohibitive license fees traditionally charged by vendors.”

He added that one-stop-shop purchasing of Axis Communications hardware and Quanika and IPConfigure software globally through leading distributor, Anixter, together with pricing flexibility would help systems integrators who need to competitively bid on project scale-ups: “They can now affordably cater for unlimited cardholders and credentials or manage multiple sites using a federated and partitioned architecture for video and access management. And they have the option to easily add in new and emerging technologies, such as AI-powered video analytics.”

There is growing demand for flexible, affordable but powerful integrated solutions that allow organizations to eliminate inefficient siloed systems and databases, speed up verification, detection, and incident response, and increase operational efficiency.

Quanika Compact is already proving its value for smaller and mid-sized users while Quanika Enterprise extends these benefits, with more advanced capabilities and extensibility for the most demanding applications. Quanika Enterprise offers an intuitive security and safety management platform that integrates powerful access control functionality with video and wider building management and popular databases that allows organizations to orchestrate change and adapt to change operational requirements.

This modular, off-the-shelf approach offers significant advantages over expensive, customized solutions, including greater flexibility, reduced up-front costs and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

IPConfigure’s Orchid VMS is recognised worldwide for its reliability and ease-of-use, providing local and remote access to live and recorded video through an intuitive web browser interface, with the same user experience on mobile devices as on static workstations.

The Orchid VMS web interface is hosted by one or more Orchid servers running on traditional Windows or Linux systems, NAS storage devices, on supported embedded hardware, or in the Cloud. Orchid supports over 4,500 IP camera models through the ONVIF Profile S specification, with cross-platform flexibility making it easy to adapt existing infrastructure, which reduces IT, hardware, and licensing costs.

Brad Stice, Chief Revenue Officer at IPConfigure, welcomed the technology partnership with Quanika, saying it would be easier for systems integrators to streamline best-in-breed technologies, including video infrastructure, access, visitor management, and life safety systems.

“In today’s fast-changing environment customers need greater flexibility and adaptability. Quanika and IPConfigure are leading the way in delivering this, giving customers affordable and practical routes out of inefficient siloed solutions.”

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IPConfigure’s Orchid VMS includes on premise, hybrid, and cloud deployment options for unlimited locations and cameras.

Based out of a historic building in Norfolk, VA, USA IPConfigure works with Fortune 500 companies from France to Australia, providing simpler security solutions.

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