Users to benefit from streamlined access control, network video, and building systems integration all managed from a single user interface

BELFAST, UNITED KINGDOM 15 JULY 2020 – Access control, security and building systems integration software vendor Quanika has joined the Axis Communications’ Application Development Partner (ADP) programme. This will make it easier for consultants and systems integrators to use Axis Communications network video, access control, and audio hardware, on projects of all sizes, as part of a seamless security management platform.

Quanika provides end-to-end solutions for a wide range of applications, from small and medium scale projects up to enterprise level installations.

By taking a straightforward, modular approach using off-the-shelf integration with Axis hardware as well as sites and application specific devices and other third-party systems, Quanika makes it easy for users – including small to medium enterprises, and major enterprise customers – to deliver on the promise of true integration by providing a single, intuitive, security and safety management interface.

Quanika Compact and Enterprise access control software primarily benefits users looking to leverage the power of Axis Communications’ AXIS A1001 and A1601 Door Controllers for unlimited doors and users, and to integrate AXIS Camera Station as well as Milestone video management software (VMS).

Thanks to reduced cost and complexity, Quanika Compact is now a practical choice for small-to-medium applications in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, logistics and similar locations, giving users the ability to tie together and flexibly manage multiple sites.

Quanika Enterprise is designed for large scale facilities and corporate enterprises, including multi-purpose buildings, hotels, transportation hubs, hospitals, and universities, giving organisations complete control and situational awareness across their entire estates globally.

And Quanika VisitorPoint is a powerful yet simple to use visitor management solution that streamlines and automates reception operations, and the allocation of meeting rooms and parking spaces, to eliminate manual tasks to deliver significant operational efficiency.

“By joining the Axis Communication ADP programme Quanika will further cement its track record for developing new integrations at speed,” says Quanika managing director Leo Cook.  “This will benefit users who want to streamline their systems, including those who want to connect and integrate any piece of third-party hardware or software.”

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Quanika specialises in developing and implementing advanced systems integration projects in both corporate and government settings, delivering on the full promise of integration.  Quanika creates powerful, off-the-shelf solutions for the most efficient management of security, fire, building controls and site-specific business systems and devices.

Headquartered in Belfast, UK, Quanika has offices and operations globally, providing clients with international delivery, capability, and reach.

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